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Walking on air - Kim Ray - Angle eyes by Michael Learns to rock

Games people play - Sue Smyth - Games people play by Nathan Carter

Mama Loo - Maria Maag - Mama Loo by Harry, Chris & Die Ohrwurmer

You Got away - Niels Poulsen - You Got away by Ann Tayler

Hurry Up, Slow down - Severine Fillion - Hurry up, slow down by Don Derby

Heart of an Angel William Brown - Heart of an Angel by Modern Talking

Sweet Maureen - Rafel Corbi - Sweet Marueen by Jambalaya

Ciau Bella - Marie Sørensen - Hun vil danse mambo by Muri & Mario

Dream lover - Daniel Whittaker - Dream lover by Jason Donovan

My first love - Robbie Mcgowan Hickie - You´re My first love By Eden ft Lianie May

be strong - Audrey Watson - the words I love you - Chris De Burgh

Dont say goodbye - Alison & Peter - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by The Overtones



Dans - koregraf - musik😙 (klik på dansens navn og video vises)

Rep. fra sidste sæson

Piano Man - Robbie McGowan H. & Tony V. - Shake your Boogie and Rolle By Pete Stothard

Closer - Mary Kelly - Closer by Susan Ashton Trium 

Before The Devil - Alan G. Birchall - If you´re going through hell by Rodney Atkins

Fall in love - Pat Stott - Never gonna fall in love by Tim Redmond

Such a Fool - Niels Poulsen - A Fool such as I by Jason Donovan

The Boat to Liverpool - Ross Brown - On the boat to Liverpool by Nathan Carter

Carters Rock - Diana Dawson - The way that love me by Nathan Carter

Applejack - Alison & Peter - Apple Jack by Lisa Mchugh

Chill Factor - Daniel Wittaker & Hayley Westhead - Last night by Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie

All about that bass - Daan Geelen and Tommie Nijhuis - All about that bass by Meghan Trainor 

 Cecilia - Willie Brown & Heather Barton - Cecilia (breaking my heart) by The vamps

Sugar Sugar - Elisa Lau - Sugar Sugar by The archies - (sorry ingen youtube link)

Rock & Roll king - Rachel Mcenaney - Rock & Roll is king by Electric Light Orchestra