Begynder 2016/2017

 Dans - koregraf - musik🤪(klik på dansens navn og video vises)


Blue Sky - Barbara Lowe - I can see clealy now by Jimmy Cliff

 Mama Maria - Frank Trace - Mama Maria by Ricohi E. Poveri

 Feeling kinda lonely - Margaret Swift - Everlittle little thing by Charlene Carter -tag side touch højre og venstre efter væg nr. 4 + 8.

 Ah si - Rita Masur - Levantando Las Mandos by El Simbolo

 Baby wonder train - Susanne Mose - Wonder what youre doing for the rest of you life by train

 Sunshine and Rain - Barbara Lowe - Bodies without ordans - Sunshine in the rain

 Better when I´m Dancin baby - Gitte Stehr - Better when i´m dancin by Meghan Trainor

 Shakin Mix - Yvonne V. Baalen - Hitmix – Shakin Stevens

 Until the dawn - Gary Lafferty - Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth

 Love like before -Micaela Svensson Erlandsson-Love’s Gonna Live Here By Derek Ryan (årsdans)

 Drinking with Dolly - Séverine Fillion - Drinking With Dolly by Stéphanie Quayle (årsdans)

 Doing alright today - Susanne Mose - It´s a great day to to be aline by Lee Matthews condense (årsdans)

 Under the sun -   Kathy Chang - Under the sun by Tim Tim