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Mama Maria - Frank Trace - Mamma Maria by Ricchi E. Poveri

Broken Heart - Leo Boomen - My next broken heart by Brooks & Dunn

Little Wagon Wheel - Gaye Teather - Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter

Feeling kinda loney - Margaret Swift - Every little thing by Charlene Carter

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KISS - Benny Ray - KISS by Rocabilly heart

Fall in love - Pat Stott - Never gonna fall in love by Tim Redmond

Steeling the best - Rosie Multari - Dance above the rainbow - Ronan Hardiman

Dont say goodbye - Alison & Peter - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by The Overtones

Such a Fool - Niels Poulsen - A Fool such as I by Jason Donovan

My Pretty Belinda - Vikki Morris - Pretty Belinda by Dr. Victor & The rasta Rebels

Sugar Sugar - Elisa Lau - Sugar Sugar by The archies - (sorry ingen youtube link)

Louisiana - Connie Nielsen - Louisiana by The Woolpackers

Come dance with me - Jo Thompson - Come dance with me by Nancy Hays