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Rep. fra sidste sæson - se andet faneblad

Gaslighter - Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley - Gaslighter by The Dixie Chicks

Love you now - Maggie Gallagher - Love You Now by Miss Montreal

Mama & Daddy - Francien Sittrop - Mama & Daddy – Dallas Moore

Country Boy Lovin´- Maddison Glover - Country Boy Lovin´by Dillon Carmichael (årsdans)

For the longest time - Roosamekto Mamek - The longest time by The Overtones (årsdans)

Vaya Con Dios (My darling) - Vikki Morris - Vaya Con Dios – Framed (årsdans)

There is a light - Ivonne Verhagen - There’s A Light By Robynn Shayne (årsdans)

Southern Dreams - Maddison Glover - I Dream In Southern" by Kaleb Lee ft. Kelly Clarkson

Our life - Anette Starup - This is our life by Bosson